Discover a new collection of certified organic beauty. Feel the caring sensation of natural ingredients on your skin. Rise and shine with spicy orange blossom. Get blown away with the fresh scent of wild lemongrass, or tune in with soothing lavender to calm your senses. Catch the feeling that lasts. Every day.
Urtekram Nordic Beauty products do not contain any parabens, synthetic preservatives or silicones. All ingredients are carefully selected and from 99-100 % natural origin. All products are vegan and certified organic by Ecocert according to COSMOS standard. Read more at





Beautiful hair. Every day.


Intense Moisture
Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner for
intense moisture. Help the hair
regain moisture and liveliness.
With hydrating aloe vera and
revitalizing lemongrass extract.

ny rise and shine shampoo og conditioner.png

Ultimate Repair
Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner for
damaged and dry hair. Help the
hair regain its natural strength
and softness. With conditioning
shea butter and jojoba oil.


Maximum Shine
Shampoo & Conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner for
Maximum shine. Help the hair
become smooth and shiny.
With Lavender and nourishing
broccoli seed oil.

Activate your senses. 


with the fresh liveliness
of Wild Lemongrass

Energizing beauty care with the
scent of natural wild lemongrass
and citrus. Caring and replenishing
ingredients like aloe vera and
hyaluronic acid help the skin
stay moisturized and hydrated.
Certified organic, naturally.


with the harmony of
Spicy Orange Blossom

Refreshing beauty care with a
scent of orange blossom perfectly
balanced by warm spices.
Nourishing and caring ingredients
like shea butter, aloe vera and
hyaluronic acid help to moisturize
and hydrate the skin, leaving it
pampered and soft.
Certified organic, naturally.


TUNE IN every day
with Soothing Lavender

Relax with a calming, lovely
and natural scent of lavender.
Moisturizing ingredients like
aloe vera, together with
soothing willow bark extract and
hyaluronic acid, help condition
and hydrate the skin.
Certified organic, naturally.